Selected Media.

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United Nations Whitepaper: Cybersecurity + ESG for the Global Capital Markets: Implementing Cybersecurity within the Nasdaq ESG Framework

United Nations Whitepaper: AI + SPAC Digitization

United Nations Whitepaper: AI + SPAC Digitization


InnovativBank™: $1 Trillion Green Bond Blockchain Project

United Nations Science-Policy-Business Forum, Second Global Session: Fintech & Green Finance

UN 3rd Global Session

United Nations Science-Policy-Business Forum, Third Global Session: SPAC + AI Digitization

World Bank - IFC3

World Bank: SPAC + AI Digitization & ESG Risks


United States Department of State: Hong Kong Tech Entrepreneurs

UN-SPBF GreenTech Partner3

United Nations GreenTech Global Community Member

IEEE: Smart City Hong Kong Project

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