InnovativBank™ is focused on shaping the future of global financial markets. Financial institutions must respond faster to innovation. InnovativBank™ leverages the power of fintech to help financial institutions achieve sustained advantages, by offering fintech technologies that convert the disruptive power of fintech into more efficient, innovative, and agile operations for institutions. 

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Artificial Minds®

Artificial Minds® is an award-winning smart technology platform that offers solutions for Smart Cities and the Internet of Things. It was created to enhance the efficiency and profitability of cities and companies worldwide. Through Artificial Minds®, organizations can generate millions of dollars in annual cost savings and revenues. Their operations become more efficient and profitable, and reduce their environmental footprint. 

Smart technologies will generate up to $11.1 trillion a year in economic value by 2025. Artificial Minds® serves as a platform to link the physical and digital worlds during this revolutionary transformation in our digital era. 

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Our current and developing smart technology projects are in cities worldwide including:

  • Hong Kong

  • New York 

  • Dubai 

  • Nairobi

  • London 

  • Shanghai


  • Amazon (AWS)

  • United States Commercial Service

  • Smart City Consortium

  • Dominion Capital Management Corp.

  • Innoverz Ltd.

  • Ecube Labs

  • Proxeus

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